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Vehicle, Trailer, Billboard, Banner and Building wraps have been in existence since 1995. Wraps were first used on Lighted and Non-lighted signage. We have been wrapping signage and vehicles for several years now and wraps can be seen just about everywhere. Since then Vinyl Wrap technology has come a long way with the invention of specialized vinyl’s and higher quality printers. They are not really something that is new to the industry but it is relatively new to the R/C community and has not been utilized until now. Vinyl Wraps can be very intricate in their design, which allows the manufacturer to let their imagination run wild with ideas and new designs.

Some would say that vinyl wraps are easily installed.

This is not necessarily true! When a wrap is laid out correctly the seams of the vinyl are made to give the appearance that the wrap is one large sheet of vinyl without seams, similar to a custom paint job. An experienced installer can make this happen but it does take years of experience to achieve this.
With the materials used today Vinyl Wraps are actually stretched in place over contours and curves of the surface you’re wrapping. With a full Wrap there is no original surface that is left uncovered on a full wrap including the windows on a vehicle. A partial Wrap can be done on a solid color surface, but the majority 50 to 75% of the surface is covered by vinyl to achieve the desired look. The heating and stretching of the vinyl does take a while to master. It can be stretched too much, which will distort the graphic. Most experienced installers will install a Vinyl Wrap with the Dry Application Method. Better adhesion to contours and corners is the end result. Very little or no bubbling around these contours and corners will happen when the dry method is used.
Aero Graphix uses 3M brand vinyl the best available for these purposes and all of our other vinyl decals also. 3M Control Tac is a 2 mil, cast vinyl film ideal for producing graphics for fleet, vehicle and bus applications. This vinyl is a white, opaque, durable film with a polyethylene-coated lay flat paper liner that’s a good choice for long-term, exterior graphics. 3M has the best outdoor rating of 7 to 8 years.

But why use the best vinyl available to the industry?

Simply because of the warranty, outdoor rating and the vinyl’s ability to keep it’s shape. Over the last 15 years our experience has allowed us to try a variety of vinyls. Without a doubt 3M is the best at keeping it’s shape (not shrinking), easiest to install and remove, it retains it’s color without fading and the roll to roll color match is dead on every time.
Vinyl Wraps can be a work of art. Artwork time for a Vinyl Wrap can vary. Faded colors with logos can be done fairly easily. Other wraps that require many hours of artwork time like photographs that must be manipulated to the shape of the desired item can get pricey. As with any custom aircraft decal set it is best to call and discuss with us the options that best suit you and your aircraft’s needs.

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