Aero Graphix Rocks!!! I fly my full scale airplane at speeds over 250mph and pull 12+ to -7 G's. Not only is it important that my vinyl graphics hold up to those extremes, as well as to the long hot days sitting on the ramp at the Airshows, but they must be bold and stand out so my sponsors are displayed as they should be. That's why Aero Graphix is the only choice! High Quality, Bold and Durable! With the personal service that can not be beat!!

Skip Stewart,  Extreme Airshow Pilot, www.SkipStewartAirshows.com


Just when I thought Bryan couldn't out do himself with a graphics package he went and did it. I just got my new 37% Carden Yak 54 back from Bryan. All I can say is WOW! I gave Bryan and idea and he went and ran with it. When I picked my plane up I couldn't believe what he had come up with. Not only do you get great quality graphics from Bryan but I think is creativeness and design work is the best in the business. He far exceeded my expectations. Thanks Bryan for another awesome looking graphics package.

Blaine Austin


There are many vinyl graphics companies in the R/C Community and I am very confident that Bryan's work stands out the best! Bryan has done numerous custom graphics jobs for me that showed up at my door exceeding my expectations every time. The one thing that stands out the most in my mind and this is what makes AeroGraphix so unique is the fact the Bryan can color match any Monokote or Ultracote color perfectly. This is a big pet peeve of mine. Nothing bothers me more than having your airplane covered in a certain color and the graphics on the plane are another because they couldn't get the "right" vinyl color to do so. With Bryan's printing system this is no longer an issue! The graphics on your plane can make or break your trim scheme, that is why I trust AeroGraphix!

Jason Noll


Bryan’s graphic jobs are really well done. In the past I was using manufacture stickers and decals to apply on my birds, but everybody knows that there is not a big choice of them and quality not too good. I found out about Aero Graphix in a good moment while finishing two of my new big models. I looked on their Photo Gallery for samples of their work. I liked what I saw and ordered some logos and my website address for my SuperXtra wings. The shipment came in 5 days time and everything was in perfect order. The holographic website address matched very well to my SuperXtra wings like I ordered it in the tailor shop:). Then the next order and the next. Now my particular two models are in 90% with Bryan’s graphics.

I am from Poland but in the whole Europe I couldn’t find any company with such a high level of service. Aero Graphix was very helpful and has such a big choice of different logos. I really recommend this company to all.

Wieslaw Chmielewski
Warsaw, Poland


I have used several other graphic companies for my models.  The last two planes, I used AeroGraphix.  I will never use anyone but Bryan for graphics ever again.  The quality is far superior to any one else's.  Bryan took the time to layout and help design the scheme for my planes.  When the graphics showed up at my door (next day) all of the overlay was already done for me. Before I had to lay one down then the other on top.  Bryan's  were already done for me and the match was perfect. No other company seemed to have the variety that AeroGraphix has in vinyl. I was so please, I sent one of my non-flying buddies to do vinyl for a 80 foot semi.  I guess no job is too big or too small.

David Gustafson
Lone Star Bandit


I built my Composite ARF Yak recently and it flies fantastic but looks just like everybody else's. I went to AeroGraphix for help. Bryan took the time to thoroughly understand what I was looking for. He went to work and called me to let me know he was emailing the proofs to me. When I got them it flat knocked my socks off!!! Once the graphics  were on the plane it was even better. As you can see by the pictures the creative is a 10 and the quality is second to none. My hats off to the fine people at AeroGraphix, I will recommend them to everyone.

Mark Trent
St. Louis, MO


Being a custom builder of model aircraft I'm very particular about things. Especially the finish of the aircraft that I am building. I use to go to a local sign shop to get all my graphics. This being very convenient for me was not always the best choice. Most of the time I would spend precious building time at the sign company helping design what I needed or explaining to the designer what I wanted. After all of that time wasted, I would still leave with graphics that I could not use. I decided to try AeroGraphix on a Giant Warbird that I was building at the time. I briefly explained the project to them and exactly what I needed. That was it, two days later I had the graphics and they fit and looked perfect! I have used other model graphics companies in the past but none have put forth the extra effort to make sure the graphics are done right and look great like AeroGraphix does!

John Light
Models by Light, Custom Model Building


Just wanted to say thanks for the great job on the graphics you did for me. I really appreciate the effort you made in coming up with the sizing and design. Here are a few pics of the finished product. Pictures just do not do the holographic justice. People have told me while I was flying that something was loose on my plane because they saw the graphics shifting colors while in flight.

Ronnie Martin


Bryan, Here are some pictures of my Carden Extra with the decals you made for it. GREAT WORK, all of the decals are awesome. Thank you for doing all of the overlays, I have bought decals from another company and they send all of them separate and have the customer stack them up. All of your stuff was great, thank you for the help in the design work, your service was the best part of doing business with you. I hope you like the way it turned out, it draws a ton of attention at the field.

Darin Peirce
Lehi, Utah


Bryan has done the work on all my planes, he doesn't need me to boast about his work. All you have to do is look at the quality of the work in order to satisfy yourself that you'll get a great job. Every plane I have had done has been some sort of custom work, lots of computer time and hands on fine tuning. Just look at the tear-a-ways on the Ferrari Edge. That was all custom work Bryan did. The new Yak was work Bryan freehanded before cutting. Note that the arcs on the stabs and wings had to be freehanded to match my paint lines and they turned out perfect. The Yak 55 logo was scanned off the net as a Yak 54 logo and changed a bit. If you can dream it up Bryan can probably do it! The funny thing is every time we do a plane I tell him it's just how I had it pictured in my head.

Steve Kissel
St. Louis, MO


I just finished my 35% Carden Extra 330S . Here are some pictures. I am really happy with how it came out. While at the Joe Nall 2005 event ,I saw a couple planes that had really nice graphics, One that caught my eye was a Carden Edge 540, owned by Bryan Zang . I liked the color scheme and the graphics on his plane. I later found out that he runs Aero Graphix, I checked his web site out and liked the design work he had done. I wanted to use the same basic scheme as his but reverse the colors around, I called Bryan and asked if he minded and he said no not at all. We discussed what I wanted and I placed the order for the graphics. I proceeded  with the Monokote covering job, while waiting for the graphics to be delivered. The graphics came about a week later, all ready to install with a nice instruction sheet on how to apply the graphics. The graphics went on without any problems, and here you see the finished result. I was really impressed with how well it came out. I test flew the plane the following week and everyone at the field was impressed with the plane and the graphics. Bryan's designs really add a professional look to the plane, Thanks a lot Bryan!, I will be referring all of my friends to Aero Graphix for their graphics needs as well as mine in the future. One very satisfied customer.

Jack George


AeroGraphix graphics are the best that I've ever used. The quality is unmatched. The thing that I like the most is when you receive the graphics their ready to stick on. All the overlay is done for you. Something that I have experienced in the past is that the backing was hard to peel off and sometimes the paper backing separated and stuck to the graphic. This has never happened to any that Bryan has done for me. For all of my new planes and re-cover jobs for 2007, Bryan is designing some new graphics for them. He has some awesome ideas that will really knock everyone's socks off. Don't just take my word for them, take a look at the picture of my 40% Carden Extra 330. Bryan did an awesome job with the graphics on it. I would highly recommend AeroGraphix for any of your graphic needs.

Blaine Austin

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