Pro-Lite 2.5" P-51 Carbon Fiber Spinners


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Pro-Lite 2.5" P-51
Pro-Lite Spinners

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Pro-Lite Carbon Fiber Spinners

The Pro-Lite CF spinners are the lightest on the market. They are beautiful high gloss, high quality carbon fiber that’s extremely light and strong. It features a carbon fiber ribbed backplate for added strength and has a lip to the hold spinner cone in place. The predrilled backplate center hole is 10mm. Un-like many spinners on the market, the Pro-Lite spinner comes with a 5mm socket head cone retaining bolt, that securely attaches the spinner to the engine prop shaft. The propeller blade cut-outs are pre-made for popular sizes, and are easy to open up if needed. If a light weight, extremely strong, precision spinner is what you’re looking for, look no further. Use what the pros use and get a Pro-Lite today

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