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Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter

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Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter



            This is the Electric Powered, 2.4GHz Radio Controlled,             
                  Ready to Fly Estes Proto-X Nano Quadcopter.                  
                           For Ages 14 and Above.                              
                            For Indoor Use Only.                               
                     Now Available in Six Body Colors;                         
               Green,  ESTE48GG              Red,    ESTE48RR                  
               Black,  ESTE48LL              White,  ESTE48WW                  
               Purple, ESTE48PP              Yellow, ESTE48YY                  
FEATURES: Plastic body with window and trim detail                             
          LED light indicates front and back of the heli, and also helps in    
            low light flying                                                   
          4-channel 2.4GHz Radio with digital trims                            
          Six axis gyro with an "Auto Upright System" that self-corrects the   
            quadcopter regardless of the direction that it's launched          
          Four micro motors                                                    
          100mAh 3.7V LiPo battery                                             
          USB charge cord                                                      
          One-piece PCB frame                                                  
INCLUDES: RTF Proto-X Nano Quadcopter, 2.4GHz Radio, LiPo Battery, USB Charge  
            Cord, 4 spare rotor blades, and Instructions                       
REQUIRES: AAA Batteries: Two for transmitter                                   
SPECS:    Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8" (45 x 45mm)                                   
          Weight: 0.40oz (11.5g)                                               
COMMENTS: For additional information or support for this item, please use      
            these resources -                                                  
            Email: airsupport@hobbico.com                                      
            Web Site: http://www.hobbico.com/                                  
            Phone: 217-398-8970                                                
          Due to its very small size, the Proto-X has a built-in LiPo battery  
            that is not designed for replacement.  Attempting to remove or     
            replace the Lipo battery will likely damage the quadcopter. In     
            addition, precise placement of the battery is critical for proper  
            CG, balance and performance and isn't recommended for consumer     
BOX DIMENSIONS:    4.13" W. X   2.63" H. X   5.63" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .29 LBS.

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