Fromeco Wolverine slider switch Blue/Silver Deans In/out


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Fromeco Wolverine slider switch Blue/Silver Deans In/out

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The New Fromeco Wolverine Switch will change the way you approach your aircraft setup. 
 The Wolverine is: 2 solid-state 'fail-safe' style Switches, 2 Battery Check Jacks, and advanced battery redundancy (sharing) circuitry... all incorporated into one convenient package.

Measuring just 63mm or 2.5" from mounting hole to mounting hole, the Wolverine is only three-fourths the length of two JR-style mechanical switches placed end-to-end.  At .6oz or 17grams it is also considerably lighter as well.

The Wolverine has 2 battery inputs, and can be used with any battery type with a voltage up to 10VDC.  Each Battery input feeds its own "FailSafe" type switch circuit, the same kind used for Fromeco's Badger Switch.  Each Switch circuit is rated at 15amps, and is completely independent of the other.  Power then flows to Fromeco's power sharing circuits, which are also completely redundant.  You can custom-configure your Wolverine with up to 3 outputs.

The Wolverine was developed to alleviate the problem of unbalanced regulators creating an unequal draw upon the batteries.  Fromeco felt that a single-circuit-board-twin-switch solution with built-in sharing is an elegant solution... rather than having to plug in more stuff between the battery and regulator.
Regulators still must be reasonably balanced in systems using twin regulators.  This is to make sure one of them is not working a great deal harder than the other.

Wolverine can be used with any battery that is lower than 10 volts when fully charged.  NiCad and NiMH, as well as Li-ion, Li-Poly, and A123 or LiFePO4 , work well with the Wolverine Switch system.

The Wolverine will let you use different sized batteries in the same system, e.g., a 35% plane could be outfitted with a 4800mA-h and a 2400mA-h powering the receiver if needed, and the batteries would work together in unison.

It is true that the Wolverine is larger than a single Standard JR™ Heavy duty switch, yet it is smaller and lighter (17g) than the 2 HD switches that it replaces.  Also, as a single unit, installation is cleaner and easier.

Connector Specs
  Connector Max "RATED" Amperage 3 amps (Futaba JR) / Larger wire and connectors Much Higher!
  Connector Type Futaba / JR / Deans / Power Poles / EC3 / Multiplex
  Lead Length 9 Inches / or Custom must be called in (not avialable on the Web Site)
[Collapse] Electrical Specs
  Max Amperage Tested by Fromeco 15 amps per switch
  Max Voltage 12
  Operating Voltage 0-12
  Quiescent Current Load 80 microamps
[Collapse] Size/Mass
  Lenght MM 64
  Mass Grams 17

Representation Of Common Setups Below.

1.)A Standard Dual system like that used on a 30-35% Aircraft.
2.)A Standard Dual system like that used on a 35-40% Aircraft.
3.)A Dual system hooked to a PowerExpander© or like product.
4.)A Dual system with a Seiko™ servo running off the Main system batteries, (loose the weight of extra battery and switch that would normally be needed with a Seiko™ Servo.)
5.)A Dual system with an extra regulator, to run a seperate rudder or matchbox system.

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