Equipment We Use

At AerogGraphix we pride ourselves in providing the most advanced vinyl graphics on the market. Our slogan is Visionary Ideas with Extraordinary Results. Were only able to accomplish this by having the latest technology available in the industry. Below you'll find the list of our state of the art equipment with our extensive capabilities.


GERBER SABRE 54" x 121" router is ideally suited for dimensional sign making, woodworking, and parts fabrication applications. SABRE routing systems offer high-speed letter and graphic design routing along with dependability, flexibility, ease of use, and minimal maintenance. Increase capacity while reducing customer lead times with the Gerber SABRE. Combine the SABRE with Gerber's top of the line router bits for a complete automated routing solution.

Applications: Push-through Letters, Engrave, AutoInlay™, ADA, Channel Letters, Cut-to-Mask, Drilling, Reverse Carving, Patented Prismatic Letters & Graphics, Architectural, Electrical, ADA Compliance Signage (Optional Gerber Braille Interpreter is needed to generate Braille output), Engraved Signs, POP Displays, Commercial, Exhibit & Displays, Carved Signs, Plastic Fabrication, Woodworking, Wholesale Sign Components.

Mimaki JF-1631

Mimaki JF-1631 Series is the large format, UV-curable inkjet printer with a effective printing area of 63" x 122" and the versatility to print on numerous uncoated substrates including corrugated plastics, acrylics and uneven or irregular materials. With a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, JF Series is suitable for Sign and POP display graphics for both long and close viewing distances. Using the standard white ink, JF Series can print bright, vibrant color even on transparent and colored media. With exclusive UV curable ink (7 colors: Yellow. Magenta, Cyan .Black, Light magenta,. Light cyan, White). JF Series is equipped with dual UV lamps, enabling high speed, bidirectional printing. It is a dynamic printer with functions to maximize true flatbed platform advantages. We are pleased to add the new capabilities of flatbed printers to the large format graphics field.


The GERBER SOLARA UV2 is a highly versatile large format Flat bed UV hybrid inkjet that accommodates a variety of affordable, uncoated materials up to 60” wide and 1/2" thick. The SOLARA is ideal for shops specializing in durable outdoor/indoor signs, point-of-purchase displays, banners, and back-lit signage, producing prints that are instantly dry and ready for use. Includes a rapid material thickness adjustment system allowing the user quick and easy changeover from rigid to roll materials and provides an unmatched CMYKVG color gamut. Prints dry and ready to use immediately, able to print on a stunning array of media and substrates including uncommon, sheet or unique materials. Up to 3 years outdoors without lamination 6+ with lamination Unmatched color with Gerber's unique colorset which includes both Green and Violet inks Able to print both rigid and roll media Versatile machine that can accommodate a huge array of different light and heat sensitive media Versatile machine that can accommodate a huge array of hard and not-so-hard media

Mimaki JV3-130SP Solvent Ink Printer

The Mimaki JV3-130SP is an 54" solvent inkjet printer. It prints on uncoated media at speeds up to 422 sf/hr. It has photo quality print modes up to 1440 x 1440 dpi. Prints will last up to 3 years outdoors without lamination. This machine will provide eye catching prints of shapes, stripes and photo quality pictures. This is what we use to create the large vehicle and signage wraps we create.


Is an advanced digital printing solution that is designed for sign makers, screen printers, and other graphics professionals seeking to quickly produce indoor and outdoor highly-customized, short-run graphics. The EDGE FX is a thermal transfer device that uses heat and pressure to transfer resin-based pigments to over 30 different substrates. Prints text and graphics up to 11.750" in height. Paneling of graphics over this height is available with selectable overlap widths.

  • Thermal transfer printing technology
  • GerberColor SpectraTone™ Color Matching
  • Advanced GerberColor FX Foil System with RFID technology
  • Unique EDGE READY™ Materials
  • Optimized design for ease of use
  • Compact, small footprint
  • Total print and cut solution (with the addition of an FX-compatible Gerber plotter)
  • Part of Gerber's Matched Technology System™, a complete print-to-cut solution


The enVision™ 375

Is a 15" tabletop sprocket-feed plotter, is designed for the rigors of everyday use. These workhorse machines offer the ultimate in speed, reliability and durability. The enVision™ 375 runs on Gerber OMEGA™ software, as well as most popular design software platforms supporting HP-GL. The enVision plotters offer ultra-precise tracking and automatic material alignment and are the fastest sprocket-feed plotters currently on the market! Plots and cuts text and graphics up to 13.25" (337mm) in height at high speeds with a maximum of 36 inches/second on axis (50 inches/second on diagonal) and accelerations up to 3G's.

Graphtec's FC5100-75 Series

Graphtec is proud of its reputation as the global leader of imaging products worldwide and offers a wide array of product options to meet any and all of our business needs. These cutting plotters are designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of design professionals in the sign and graphics industries. This line of cutting plotter accommodates any project, big or small. You can depend on unparalleled performance from our fast, high-end professional series designed to execute the toughest of cutting requirements on a variety of materials including vinyl, heavy and thick material, sandblast resist rubbers, and more. This is a 30"model size, Graphtec's FC5100 Series features enhanced cutting quality, speed and force compared to its predecessor model, the FC4100 Plus Series. The FC5100 Series features a maximum cutting speed of 55.7 in./sec., 4.0G maximum axial acceleration, and 20 to 500g cutting force. Including all the features that made the FC4100 Plus Series such a success, this new series comes with a wide array of helpful, user-friendly features and functions such as tangential emulation for precision cutting of thick material and intricate designs as small as 1/16" high on vinyl - without lifting corners.

Enhancements include a newly incorporated design to the chassis, tool-carriage assembly and sliding mechanism which augments the FC5100's mechanical and structural integrity, resulting in overall enhancement to the cutting/plotting quality as well as media tracking performance.

Mimaki CG-130FX

The next step in the evolution of cutting plotters: It's capable of hitting even the most complicated contour cuts with the kind of speed and precision you need. Older cutters simply can’t compare. Best of all — it's automatic. The breakthrough technology of our photo-electric eye sensor allows for precise continuous cutting of our entire roll of media, giving us the greatest gift of all: freedom to complete other jobs while this workhorse cuts images unattended. Capable of hitting complicated contour cuts with speed and precision. CG-130FX - up to 62" sheet width 39.3"/s max cutting speed.

Royal Sovereign cold roll Lamination system

  • Fast - Laminates pressure sensitive Solvent Ink and Thermal film up to 65" wide at a rate of 16.4' per minute.
  • Quality - Digital controls help deliver a perfect finish.
  • Versatility - Designed for mounting (up to .6"), laminating individual or multiple copies of posters prints, POP signs, training aids, rigid or flexible signage, inkjet, photo, floor graphics and much more.
  • Convenient - High quality rollers allow cold lamination for heat sensitive applications.

Great for Digital graphic imaging, Photo finishing, Pop up display, Banner

The Digital Combo T-Shirt heat press

Is a multipurpose swing-away heat press for placing quality heat transfer images on shirts and other materials. This 14" x 16" fully digital swing-away press boasts all of the digital features of the digital swing press. This includes Digital Temperature, Time, and a Digital Pressure/ Height gauge, as well as programmable presets, user definable alarms and a host of other digital features to insure you receive a quality image. The popular success of the Digital Combo lies in its instantly interchangeable system of heat platens and tables. The Digital Combo utilizes quick-change attachments for heat transferring images onto a surprisingly wide variety of materials. Available for this one press is every attachment necessary to professionally imprint caps, mugs, plates, and tiles.

EDGE READY™ Materials

We use 3M materials. EDGE READY is the term used to identify Gerber's line of materials for a wide range of markets and applications that have been specifically designed, performance tuned, and tested to provide optimal printing on the GERBER EDGE® and EDGE® 2.

GerberColor FX foils and EDGE READY™ Materials offer the widest range of applications in the business. Print spot, metallic, and process color to self adhesive, magnet, holographic, reflective materials, and more. From window, floor, and vehicle graphics to promotional novelties, POS displays, and decals, the opportunities to turn your sign making and specialty graphic business into a high profit center are unlimited.

3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Films

Featuring superior printing performance and a pressure sensitive adhesive that holds to the substrate firmly when the film is applied. When used with compatible products and printers, produced by one of 3M's Scotchprint® Graphics Authorized Manufacturers, and applied according to written instructions, this film can be used to produce a Scotchprint® Graphic.

Coburn Graphic Flims

These specialty films are available in a variety of patterns. The material is outdoor durable up to 5 years. The vinyl is thermal ready and will provide exceptional value to our customers. This product is dimensionally stable and resists extremes of heat, cold and UV light. It is easy to cut and weed small letters and designs with fine detail. Available in the following patterns: Florentine Gold Leaf, Florentine Silver Leaf, Smooth Gold Mirror, Smooth Silver Mirror, Smooth Colored Mirror, Engine Turn Gold, Engine Turn Silver, Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver, Diamond Plate, Diamond Plate Colored, Holographic Silver, Holographic Colored, Lens Silver and Lens Colored.

Gerber OMEGA 5 design and production software

Gerber OMEGA design and output software is a complete suite of layout, design, output and conversion tools created specifically for use in the sign industry. OMEGA capabilities allow us to create sophisticated, technical or advanced layouts while maintaining simple and consistent operation.

OMEGA design and output tools are fine-tuned to accommodate vinyl cutting, printing and routing on sign-industry production devices such as Gerber vinyl cutters, the GERBER EDGE® family of thermal transfer printers,

OMEGA 5 is the newest software release from Gerber. Some of the changes in this new software package are:

  • Improved Adobe Illustrator AI, CS, PDF, EPS, and Postscript import capabilities
  • Improved designing and displaying of vinyl-only jobs
  • Clipping paths or image masks
  • Dimensioning tools
  • The ability to embed images into a .PLT file
  • The ability to design and output by layers
  • More fonts included with new seats of Omega 2.5 and upgrades

Adobe® Illustrator®

Software is a professional design platform that gives us a new creative freedom that lets us realize our ideas quickly and powerfully. Instantly converts bitmaps to vector artwork and paint more intuitively. Saves time with intelligent palettes and optimized workspaces. Plus, tight integration with other software allows us to produce extraordinary graphics for print, video, the web, and mobile devices.

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite

With more than 40 new features and over 400 product enhancements, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 is trusted by design professionals to simplify their workflow and transform ideas into professional results – fast! New and advanced features that increase productivity, such as real-time visual feedback. Keep our workflow smooth with industry-standard file compatibility, including SVG, AutoCAD®, HPGL, Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator®, PDF, and new Microsoft® Office export. With integrated applications for vector drawing, page layout, digital imaging and motion graphics all in one box, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 offers value that’s second to none.

Aero Graphix

Thank you for your interest in Aero Graphix. We are the country's premier vinyl graphics supplier for model and full scale aircraft decals and striping. Nothing is too large or small for us to cut for you. We have a wide range of professional vinyl sign manufacturing equipment that insures you receive the best quality product you can buy. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the finest quality graphics available.

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