Futaba S3152 Digital Standard High Torque Servo


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Futaba S3152 Digital Standard High Torque Servo

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Futaba S3152 Digital Standard High Torque Servo


            This is the S3152 Digital Servo w/Ball Bearings for                
   airplane, car and boat Use and Comes with "J" Connector Pre-Installed.      
FEATURES: Comes with Heavy Duty wiring that can handle Higher Current Loads    
          Ball Bearing Output Shaft                                            
          Nylon gears                                                          
          High Torque                                                          
          Great for 1/8 Cars or Boats Where Higher Torque and Speed are Needed 
          One year limited warranty                                            
INCLUDES: One Digital High Torque Servo w/Small Round Horn and 11.5" (292mm)   
            wire lead                                                          
          Four Rectangular Grommets                                            
          Four Chrome Bushings                                                 
          Four Mounting Screws                                                 
          One Large Round Horn                                                 
          One Six Arm Horn                                                     
          One Four Arm Horn                                                    
SPECS:    Speed:  .22 sec/60° @ 4.8V                                           
                  .18 sec/60° @ 6V                                             
          Torque: 70 oz-in @ 4.8V                                              
                  87 oz-in @ 6V                                                
          Weight: 1.5oz (41g)                                                  
          Dimensions: 1.6 x 0.8 x 1.5" (40 x 20 x 38mm)                        
COMMENTS: For a replacement gear set, order FUTM3328                           
          For a replacement case set, order FUTM2948                           
          S3152 Digital Servo Precautions,                                     
          -It is best to avoid long leads and Y-harnesses especially with      
           standard grade wires. If problems are encountered, consider using   
           heavy duty wire such as Futaba's Heavy Duty Series or Hobbico's     
           Pro Series, minimizing lead lengths, and/or removing Y-harnesses.   
           -Current Drain:  Futaba S3152 Servo is Specially Designed for High- 
            Torque and High-Speed, Therefore Very High Current Drain Is Normal 
            At Startup. For Ultimate Performance When Using This Servo         
            Please Review The Following Points.                                
            (1) When Using Systems With the Battery Fail Safe Function it Has  
              a Higher Cut-Off Voltage Setting Which Will Cause Shorter        
              Operation Time.                                                  
            (2) When Installing the Servo Please Check Pushrod Linkage To Make 
              Sure There Is No Binding in Order To Prevent Excessive Power     
              Consumption and Decrease the Life of the Motor and Battery.      
         This digital servo cannot be used with the following * AM *           
               transmitters as the servo neutral signal is: 1310us).           
        CONQUEST AM, FG Series (T4FG, T5FGK,T6FG, T6FGK, T7FGK), New Terratop, 
              T3EGX, T3PGE, T2NL, T2LGX, T2FR, T2PK series.                    
           ***** Do not use digital servos with older AM systems *****         
                                                                   jpg 10/05/04
                                                             updated jpg 1/4/07
BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.63" W. X   1.38" H. X   3.38" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .19 LBS.

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