Futaba S3050 Digital Standard HT BB MG Servo


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Futaba S3050 Digital Standard HT BB MG Servo

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Futaba S3050 Digital Standard HT BB MG Servo


          This is the Futaba S3050 Digital Servo with Metal Gears.             
     Ideal for a wide variety of high-stress applications, including 1/8       
     and 1/10 scale off-roaders, boat rudders, and large-scale airplanes.      
FEATURES: Durable metal gears                                                  
          Digital technology gives performance advantage                       
          One year limited warranty                                            
INCLUDES: One S3050 Digital servo with preinstalled .83" (21mm) round servo    
          Four Rectangular Grommets                                            
          Four Brass Bushings                                                  
          Four 2x11mm Mounting Screws                                          
          One Large Round Horn  1.4" (35mm) diameter                           
          One Six Arm Horn      1.2" (32mm) long                               
          One Four Arm Horn     1.5" (39mm) long                               
SPECS:    Speed:  0.20 sec/60° @ 4.8V                                          
          .16 sec/60° @ 6V                                                     
          Torque:  72 oz-in @ 4.8V                                             
                   90 oz-in @ 6V                                               
          Size: 1.6 x 0.8 x 1.5" (40 x 20 x 38mm)_                             
          Weight: 1.7oz (49g)                                                  
COMMENTS: For full performance of digital servos use them only with FM, PCM    
            and HRC systems. Do not use digital servos with AM systems.        
          This servo cannot be used with the following transmitters; Conquest  
            AM, FG series (T4FG, T5FGK, T6FG, T6FGK, T7FGK, New Terratop,      
            3EGX, T3PGE, T2NL, T2LGX, T2FR, T2PK                               
                                                               updt jxs 1/19/05
BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.50" W. X   1.38" H. X   3.25" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .20 LBS.

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